What We Do

Twala Trust is a safe haven for all animals and birds in need, comprised of a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre, a refuge for abandoned exotic pets, a farm sanctuary and a free running dog shelter. It is the only sanctuary of its kind in Zimbabwe, with more than 50 species of animals and birds resident on the property, from lions and serval cats to primates, reptiles, small mammals and antelope.

Injured, displaced, orphaned and abandoned animals are rehabilitated under the guidance of our resident veterinarian, and wherever possible, indigenous wild animals and birds are released back into the wild.

Others, including our 5 rescued lions, have found a permanent home at the Trust where our focus is to provide the very best quality of life possible for them.

The Twala Trust does not breed, buy, source or sell animals. We are strictly a rescue centre.

In addition we run several long-term community outreach programmes, providing free veterinary care to rural dogs in low income households, as well as conservation and animal welfare education to school children.

We also offer a small volunteer programme for volunteers from abroad, where dedicated animal lovers are assured of a genuine and ethical experience of life in an African animal sanctuary.