Community Outreach

The Twala Trust has run an embedded community programme in the Goromonzi area since 2014. We take care of 600 rural dogs in low income households, providing free veterinary care including sterilsations and vaccinations, as well as a feeding programme for the dogs. We run animal welfare and conservation education programmes in conjunction with the community veterinary clinic. This holistic approach has resulted in low income families being able to have the security and companionship of a dog without the dog being a burden on the household finances. The dogs get to live with the people they love, and who love them, whilst receiving all the care they need.

In conjunction with the dog clinic, the Trust offers an outdoor library for young dog owners that allows them to read, draw and be creative whilst accessing treatment and food for their dogs. As many of these children do not attend school for financial reasons, this is often the only opportunity they get to access books and drawing.

In addition to the weekly vet clinics for registered dogs, we coordinate mass vaccination and sterilization campaigns with the Government veterinary department. To date we have sterilized around 2 000 dogs, and vaccinated 5 000 against rabies. Twala Trust supports and assists the local school, providing free conservation education and educational materials

Animal-Kind International, supporting the Doggy Tuesday programme